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ThermoClear Pro

What is ThermoClear Pro?

ThermoClear Pro utilizes both low and high radio frequency (RF), allowing you to treat epidermal skin imperfections and hair removal.

How much does ThermoClear Pro cost?

A 20-25 minute session is $150 and anything over 30 minutes to an hour is $300

What does ThermoClear Pro treat?

Fibromas, Keratosis, Skin Tags, Milia, Sun and Age Spots, Cholesterol Deposits ,Spider Capillaries, Cherry Angioma, and Electrolysis

How is ThermoClear Pro Performed?

We insert a one time use probe into the hand piece in order to perform each ThermoClear treatment. The settings will be set either to Radio Frequency or High frequency to use for different skin imperfections that we would treat. Sometimes we use different methods depending on the clients needs.The probe taps or is dragged across the skin depending on the skin.

How much ThermoClear Pro will I need?

This really depends on what we are treating. We always suggest one to a series of treatments.

Who is a good candidate for ThermoClear Pro?

Anyone who is experiencing skin concerns like: Fibromas, Keratosis, Skin Tags, Milia, Sun and Age Spots, Cholesterol Deposits, Spider Capillaries, Cherry Angioma, and Electrolysis

How soon will I see results from ThermoClear Pro?

This also depends on what treatment we perform. Most notice immediate improvement, while others may take up to a week or two to notice improvement once they are healed.

How long will ThermoClear Pro results last?

Results can be instant and long lasting, depending what we are treating.

Is ThermoClear Pro safe?

ThermoClear treats only the epidermis and is safe for all skin types and skin colors.
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