Protein Retinol Peel

Protein Retinol Peel

What is a Protein Retinol Peel?

All-Trans Retinol Peel builds the skin's collagen, while targeted amino acids work synergistically with the All-trans Retinol Peel to nourish collagen, added antioxidants help protect from collagen degradation.

How much does a Protein Retinol Peel cost?

4% is $150 each    |    8% is $250

What does a Protein Retinol Peel treat?

Skin aging, tone, and texture

How is a Protein Retinol Peel Performed?

Used post-microneedling treatment for best results. Individuals may experience some light peeling several days post-treatment. Ideal as an alternative to more expensive growth factor treatments.

How many Protein Retinol Peels will I need?

These are recommended in a series of six. We also recommend starting with a 4% and working your way up to the 8%. With maintenance three to four times a year.

Who is a good candidate for a Protein Retinol Peel?

Clients who are concerned with loss of skin aging, tone, and texture.

How soon will I see results from a Protein Retinol Peel?

Normally clients notice a difference after the first treatment once healed. This can take up to five to seven days.

How long will Protein Retinol Peel results last?

Clients who follow post-care instructions, use a physical SPF 30 or 50, and medical-grade skincare regime without parabens, find their skin stays plump and healthy six months with results that continue up for one-year post-treatment.

Is a Protein Retinol Peel safe?

Yes, retinol has been shown to be the gold standard in anti-aging and improving tone and texture.
This service should be done with the Collagen P.I.N microneedling.

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