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AquaGold Fine Touch

What is AquaGold Fine Touch?

AQUAGOLD ® fine touch ™ is a patented gold-plated micro-injection system that painlessly delivers custom solutions into the skin at the ideal 600 micron depth micro needles to reach the dermis. Aquagold Fine Touch allows for alternative uses of injectables such as Botox and fillers to achieve whole-face rejuvenation. “Microbotox” or “Mesobotox” is a term used for the application of botulinum toxin injection into the dermis of the skin rather than into the muscle. Microbotox or Mesobotox treats larger areas of dermis with dilute botulinum toxin, diluted with products such as hyaluronic acid.

How much does AquaGold Fine Touch cost?

Aquagold Fine Touch Treatment typically runs around $650 (botox, filler, brightening mixture), though depending on what's in your cocktail of treatments, it can cost anywhere from $250 to $2,500.

What does AquaGold Fine Touch treat?

It smoothes skin texture / tone with dermal micro-hyaluronic gel, shrinks enlarged pores with micro-Botox, reduces sebum production in oily skin and T zones, improves superficial acne scarring with micro-hyaluronic gel, enhances laser treatments with micro-serums containing growth factors and vitamins, and brightens and whitens skin with micro-pigment reducers.

How is AquaGold Fine Touch Performed?

Aquagold is a revolutionary microneedle device that contains 24 karat needles, each of which is smaller than a hair follicle. This device delivers products such as platelet-rich-plasma, dermal fillers, muscle relaxants, retinol, and antioxidants directly into the skin.

How much AquaGold Fine Touch will I need?

A series of three or six is recommended. For new clients we recommend spacing treatments 4-6 weeks apart. Clients who come in for maintenance we recommend quarterly touch ups.

Who is a good candidate for AquaGold Fine Touch?

Anyone with signs of aging, such as wrinkles, is a good candidate for the AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch™ treatment. It is also a perfect treatment for patients looking to plump and replenish the skin in the face, hands, décolletage, and neck. Also, clients who have oily skin find that it controls over production of the oil.

How soon will I see results from AquaGold Fine Touch?

Most patients will see some results in three to seven days after the procedure.

How long will AquaGold Fine Touch results last?

Results last approximately 3-4 months depending on the skin modifying solutions used.

Is AquaGold Fine Touch safe?

Yes, AquaGold is an FDA-registered direct dermal application device.

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